Rules to be observed by Health Seekers

You are coming here for solace, keep the evils away, smile and concentrate on your health in this heavenly abode in the lap of nature. Avoid using your mobile while you are at Yog Gram, especially in Yoga Hall and in the treatment section. We will help you overcome your addictions in case you so desire; so help us to help yourself.

  1. At the time of checking in it is most essential to have your belongings checked. This will help you in the treatment process.
  2. Health beneficiaries and health seekers should not leave YOG GRAM without permission.
  3. To attain the best from this treatment, they should not eat anything from outside.
  4. Practice spiritual silence in YOG GRAM a therapy and just enjoy it. Even otherwise, speak only when it is necessary to do so .don’t waste your accumulated vital health-giving energy in idle, useless gossip and babble.
  5. Meals prescribed by the physician should be taken at the appointed hour by chewing them properly. Don’t take anything extra without physician's advice, even if it is fruit or juice.
  6. Please take care of cleanliness of your surroundings. Do not use polythene bags.
  7. Respect the environment and please do not pluck flowers, vegetables and leaves and also do not tease birds, animals, insects or reptiles.
  8. Pets are not allowed in the YOG GRAM.
  9. Do not spit.
  10. Non Veg, Egg, Alcohol, Pan Masala, Tobacco, Gutkha, Narcotics, Smoking and all sorts of addictions are strictly prohibited in YOG GRAM premises.
  11. Scanty clothes and nudity is prohibited. Swimming in the lake is strictly prohibited.
  12. Health seeker and health beneficiaries must comply with the rules and regulations of the Institute.
  13. The Management shall have the right to expel any health seeker without showing any cause, for breach of norms and discipline. In such cases no refunds shall be made.
  14. Certain items as below are required by the health seekers for treatment and are also available locally:-
a. Warm blazer wraps for chest, stomach, calf muscles etc.
b. Jal Neti patra.
c. Catheters size 3(one in number) and 12(three in numbers).
d. Towels large and small, two each.
e. Douche for ladies.
f. Eye wash cup.